Snow Removal in Midland, Wasaga Beach, Barrie and Penetangushene

Property owners and managers in Canada know that ice and snow need to be properly removed to avoid damage and accidents during winter. However, removing snow and ice requires the right equipment and a lot of time, which is not something every homeowner or business owner has. If you’re looking for reliable snow removal in Midland, Wasaga Beach, Barrie and Penetangushene, you’ve come to the right place! 

BDR Property Maintenance provides ice and snow removal in Simcoe for commercial properties to ensure your property is safe and looking good in the winter season. We take care of your driveways, sidewalks, ice prevention, and ice removal to ensure a safe environment in wintertime. 



We use salt, sand, and mixes of sand with salt to ensure safety and comfort in your property. The best way to create a safe environment for driving during winter is to salt your driveway or parking lot. Salt is used because it melts ice effectively and quickly and sand prevents vehicle tires from slipping on the road while preventing ice from forming again. Using salt and sand together is mostly reserved for steep roads but it all depends on the forecast and amount of snow. 

Snow Removal

We provide efficient snow blowing, plowing, and relocating services to make your life easier throughout winter. Our goal is to make sure your property is accessible no matter how much it snows. Your driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot can be safe to navigate if the snow is removed. Snow can start piling up on your property and it becomes an inconvenience. For this reason, we also offer snow relocation services. 

BDR Property Maintenance

BDR is a family-owned company offering effective snow and ice removal solutions to all Simcoe County and surrounding areas. Besides providing snow and ice control services, we also offer landscaping and fencing services to commercial properties.