Residential Fencing in Barrie, Midland, Wasaga Beach & Simcoe County, ON

Since we value quality materials, service, and workmanship, we won’t stop at anything to ensure that you’re completely happy with the way your residential fencing in Simcoe County, ON turns out.

Residential Fence Installation in Barrie, Midland, Wasaga Beach, and Simcoe County – The impact of having a fence on your property in Simcoe County, Ontario can be significant. For instance, having a fence can delineate your property lines, make things more secure for you and your family, and take your property’s aesthetics to an entirely new level. However, in order to reap the benefits that come from putting up new residential fencing on your property, your fence has to be installed the right way.

Key Benefits of Residential Fencing

At BDR Property Maintenance, we don’t just get calls for landscaping and lawn care. We also receive requests asking us to come up with a solution for certain problems that our clients are dealing with. It might surprise you just how many issues can be resolved with residential fencing and the many benefits that having us install a perimeter fence can provide.


It is pleasant to relax in the outdoor living space of your Simcoe County, Ontario home after a long, arduous day or even a day spent having fun. However, that downtime can be challenging to enjoy if you have neighbors disrupting you because they notice you out there and decide to come over.

Pet Health

Most dog breeds need to expel energy regularly to remain happy, well-adjusted, and healthy. Being on a leash may not give them the freedom to do that, but a yard that they can run around in because you’ve had residential fencing installed does.

Child Safety

You’ll worry less about your children playing in the yard when you have residential fencing keeping them from wandering off. You can also place fencing around a pool to keep them safe from falling in.

Add Value

A home with residential fencing can often sell for more than one without because buyers appreciate the benefits involved and that they won’t have to go through the process of having a fence installed.



Criminals are less likely to breach a fenced property than they are one that is easy to access, so residential fencing adds a layer of security to your home.

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The main thing that sets our fencing services in Simcoe County, Ontario apart is the fact that we charge a competitive rate. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of our workmanship suffers. In fact, we know that you’ll be blown away by the quality of our work when we install a brand new fence on your property.