Landscape Services, Simcoe County, ON

We can come to your property in Simcoe County weekly, monthly, or seasonally to provide landscape services.

Landscape Services in Simcoe County – When you drive around your neighbourhood, you may notice that some of your neighbours have beautiful landscaping outside of their homes. Keeping up with landscaping is a daunting task for many property owners, so you may find that you put it off or dread it. Some homeowners end up spending hours every Saturday, one of the only days off they have, working out in the yard to keep up with the seemingly never-ending list of tasks. If you’re in this boat, you may want to think about unloading these challenging landscape services onto our experienced team at BDR Property Maintenance.

Our landscape services are available at both commercial and residential properties and include a variety of options. We can tackle routine maintenance, such as lawn care, trimming, and pruning, as well as garden design, care, and planting.

When you have outdoor space at your commercial property, keeping up with the necessary maintenance is crucial. Your clients’ first impression will occur when they see the appearance of the outdoor property, so if it’s overgrown or dead and brown, they may not take your business as seriously. Certain businesses within the hospitality industry may also rely on their landscaping to appeal to customers. Restaurants with patios will greatly benefit from an experienced team handling landscape services, allowing the customers to dine al fresco in a beautiful space.

We can come to your property in Simcoe County, Ontario weekly, monthly, or seasonally to provide landscape services, so give us a call today to learn more about our available options.

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