Ice and Snow Removal in Penetanguishene

Property owners and managers understand how important it is to properly remove ice and snow during winter to avoid accidents, damages, and lawsuits. Only a team of professionals with the right equipment knows how to successfully remove snow and ice from your property. If you’re looking for reliable ice and snow removal in Penetanguishene, then look no further!

BDR Property Maintenance provides ice and snow removal in Penetanguishene for businesses and individuals to ensure their property not only looks good but is also safe during the winter season. Have peace of mind knowing we’ll take care of your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot by efficiently removing ice and snow.

Avoid having an unkempt look in your property and lawsuits with professional snow removal services. Even though it’s possible for you to remove the snow on your own, it takes way too much time and specific equipment to do it the right way.

Why Call BDR Property Maintenance

Safe Property During Winter

Snow is a hazard as it can cause injury if someone slips and falls. Without the proper equipment and experience, you might get injured if you try to remove snow by yourself. Get in contact with BDR Property Maintenance for effective snow and ice removal for your home or business.


For busy people, finding the time and energy for snow and ice removal is almost impossible. Depending on how big your property is, you can even take an entire day to remove all the snow. Let our team of professionals take care of ice and snow while you focus on more important things

Curb Appeal

A property that’s covered in ice and snow looks unkempt. Even though fresh snow can be quite charming, with time it gets covered in muddy tire tracks and footprints. Our team of professionals will clean up the aesthetic of your snow-covered driveway.