Garden Care, Simcoe County, ON

Our professional garden care services will ensure your Simcoe County home looks wonderful all year long.

Garden Care in Simcoe County – There are two tricks to having a beautiful Simcoe County, Ontario property: installing an appealing flower garden and maintaining it. Our team at BDR Property Maintenance can help you with both. Our garden care services will give you the welcoming look you desire and keep your garden looking nice throughout the year. We offer one-time, monthly, seasonal, and annual garden care contracts, so you can get the help you need, whenever that may be.

We understand that some people love to take care of garden care themselves, but may need a helping hand at certain times of the year. Others want it to look perfect with minimal effort on their part. Either way, we are ready to step in and tackle whatever part of garden care you require.

  • Design. We can help you design your garden to provide the benefits you desire, such as attracting butterflies, providing strong floral scents, using vibrant colours, or providing nectar for bees.
  • Planting. Once designed, we can take care of the planting for you, including trees, shrubs, bulbs, and flowers. We can also keep up with replacing annuals each year to keep your design consistent year to year.
  • Maintain. There is a lot that goes into ongoing garden care, including a proper watering system, fertilizing, weeding, and insect control.
  • Winterize. At the end of the season, many plants require care in order to survive over the winter.

If you have questions about garden care and how your home could benefit from a professionally designed, installed, and maintained garden, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help all year long, just take care of things while you are on vacation, or anything in between.

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